Mobile Railcar and Truck Loading

Mobile Railcar and Truck Loading

Mobile Railcar and Truck Loading Solutions of Bulk Materials

Mobile loading conveyors of railcar, wagon and dumper truck are specialized equipment designed to efficiently load bulk materials into railcar and dumper truck. These machines can offer flexibility and mobility, allowing them to be deployed at various locations.

Mobile Hopper Feeder to Load Railcar and Wagon

If you have a temporary stockyard nearby railway, the mobile hopper feeder can be used as loading conveyor system of railcar and wagon. Our mobile hopper can move along rail tracks instead of moving your railcar. You need wheel loaders to feed this mobile hopper feeder.

Truck Unloader to Load Railcar and Wagon

If you haven’t any stockyard and want to use a dumper truck to feed the Railcar or Wagon loading system, you can use this truck unloader. It can be wheel-mounted or track-mounted. Its hopper is a bulk materials reception which can bear high impact loading.

Bucket Wheel Reclaimer to Load Railcar Wagon

Here we will introduce a high efficient and economical railcar and wagon loading machine. It is a tracked mobile bucket wheel reclaimer and it is also a tracked mobile bucket wheel excavator. It can reclaim bulk materials from the nearby stockyard and directly load trains, and the reclaiming and loading capacity can reach 2800m³/h.

Bucket Wheel Reclaimer to Load Dumper Trucks

The bucket wheel reclaimer also can be used to load dumper trucks. It can be remotely controlled or equipped with a driver's cab, providing a more comfortable operating mode and environment. The equipment can loaded trucks while excavating bulk materials.

Advantage & Highlights

  • High Mobility

    Mobile stacking systems are mounted on wheels or tracks, enabling them to be easily transported and positioned at different locations within in-plant or at remote sites.

  • Loading Spout

    If you want to control the dust generated at discharging point, we can fixed a loading spout at the discharging point. It is optional.

  • Power Source

    Mobile stacking conveyors can be powered by electricity, diesel engines, or a combination of both, depending on the specific requirements.

  • Dust Suppression System

    Equipped with dust suppression systems to minimize dust emissions during loading operations. These systems may include water sprays, misting systems, or other technologies to control dust.


Mobile Railcar and Wagon Loading Systems are versatile and can be used to load a wide range of bulk materials, including ores, coal, aggregates, sand, grains and other commodities. They are commonly used in mining plant, quarrying site, ports and other site.

Coal Aggregate & Sand Grains (Corns, Beans, Wheat, etc.)
Bauxite Iron ore Sugar
Wood-chips & Sawdust Pet Coke Cement Clinker
Fertilizer Sulphur Copper Ore
Ore Concentrate Salt Other Bulk Materials

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