Mobile Stacking

Mobile Stacking

Mobile Stacking Solutions of Bulk Materials

Mobile stacking systems are specialized equipment designed to efficiently stack bulk materials such as ores, coal, aggregates, and other commodities in large stockpiles. These systems offer flexibility and mobility, allowing them to be deployed at various locations.

Mobile Stacking After Mobile Crushing Plant

Our tracked conveyor is an idea stacking equipment instead of wheel loaders to pile crushed rocks, aggregate and sand after mobile crushing and screening plant. The highest discharging height is up to 12.5m (41.01ft).

Radial Stacking Conveyor for Stacking

The largest stockpile volume of our radial telescopic stacker can reach 160,000m³. Our conveyors can prevent deduction penalties, and they are especially suitable for aggregate stacking. The highest discharging height is up to 19.6m (64ft).

Truck Unloader for Stockpiling in Yards

In certain working conditions, we need to stack the bulk materials transported by trucks. Our truck unloader is a bulk reception feeder that can replace a wheel loader to build piles.

Advantage & Highlights

  • High Mobility

    Mobile stacking systems are mounted on wheels or tracks, enabling them to be easily transported and positioned at different locations within in-plant or at remote sites.

  • Conveyor Cover

    Our mobile stacking conveyors can be equipped with belt conveyor covers to protect them from wind and rain.

  • Power Source

    Mobile stacking conveyors can be powered by electricity, diesel engines, or a combination of both, depending on the specific requirements.

  • Safety Features

    Mobile stacking conveyors are equipped with safety features such as guardrails, emergency stop buttons, and safety interlocks.

  • Versatility

    Mobile stacking systems are versatile and can be used to stack a wide range of bulk materials, including ores, coal, aggregates, and other commodities.


Mobile Stacking Conveyor Systems are versatile and can be used to stockpile a wide range of bulk materials, including ores, coal, aggregates, sand, grains and other commodities. They are commonly used in mining plant, quarrying site, ports, power plant and other site to create stockpiles for storage.

Coal Aggregate & Sand Grains (Corns, Beans, Wheat, etc)
Bauxite Iron ore Sugar
Wood-chips & Sawdust Pet Coke Cement Clinker
Fertilizer Sulphur Copper Ore
Ore Concentrate Salt Other Bulk Materials

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