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Bulk Material Handling Equipment

MNSTACKER is specialized in R&D and manufacturing mobile bulk materials handling equipment, such as stacker conveyor, mobile ship loader, tracked mobile bucket wheel reclaimer and excavator, and tracked mobile conveyors. Our products cover conveying, reclaiming, feeding, loading and unloading, blending, storage, etc. And they are widely used in quarries, mines, power, ports, grain, paper and other industries.

Mobile Stacker Conveyor

We provide tracked stacker, radial telescopic stacker, and mobile hopper feeder for stacking bulk materials in quarry, mining, port, etc. It can be used in handling aggregate, coal, ores, wood chips, sand, top soils, etc.

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Mobile Ship Loader

Our range of port handling equipment ensures unrivaled flexibility when loading dry bulk materials onto vessels. You can get tracked mobile radial telescopic shiploader, all wheel travel ship loader, rail-mounted ship loader, etc.

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Mobile Reclaimer & Excavator

The mobile bucket wheel reclaimer, also named mobile bucket wheel excavator, are widely used in bulk materials reclaiming and excavating. Our machines are mounted on tracks. They are often used in Stockyard of Port, Power Plant, Aggregate Plant, etc.

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Mobile Hopper Feeder

Mobile hopper feeders can be mounted on tracks or wheels. They are commonly used to feed stacker conveyors and belt conveyors. They can also be used as stackers. We also provide mobile storage hopper for ship unloading in port.

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Mobile Surface Feeder

Bulk receiving feeders and truck tipping platforms are types of truck unloaders. We offer tracked mobile bulk reception feeder, wheeled bulk reception feeder and hydraulic truck unloading platforms.

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Mobile Transfer Conveyor

Our portable transfer conveyor is a type of movable conveyor.Our mobile transfer conveyors can transport bulk materials over short and medium distances without having to carry out large-scale engineering construction.

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Industries of Bulk Material Handling Equipment

MNSTACKER is one of the world's leading manufacturers of mobile bulk material handling equipment. Our mobile bulk material handling conveyors are one of your best choices for material conveying, stacking, ship loading and unloading, mobile feeding, mobile reclaiming, etc. MNSTACKER is able to supply bulk material handling equipment and complete bulk material handling system for different industries.

Cement Power Stations
Heap Leaching Quarrying
Mining Railways
Ports and Inland Terminals Recycling
Steel Stockyard
Paper Others Industries

Applications of Bulk Material Handling Equipment

MNSTACKER provides heavy-duty bulk material handling equipment and system for a variety of applications. The handling capacity ranges from a few hundred tons to thousands of tons. You can use our belt conveyor to handle bulk materials listed below.

Construction Materials Aggregate, Sand, Gravel, Clinker, etc.
Non-metallic Minerals Clay, Coal, Coke, Limestone, Phosphates, Potash, Fly Ash, etc.
Metal Ores Aluminum, Bauxite, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Lead Ore, Zinc Ore, etc.
Paper Raw Materials Bamboo Slices, Paper Pulp, Wood Chips, etc.
Grains Soybeans, Rapeseed, Wheat, Rice, etc.
Waste Sludge, Glass, etc
Agriculture Materials Fertilizers, Soil Amendments, Top Soil
Other Materials Please consult us!

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