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Mobile Ship Loader & Ship Loading Conveyor

MNSTACKER is word’s leading manufacturer of mobile ship loaders and provides mobile ship loader conveyors to load dry bulk materials onto bulk vessels. Our range of port ship loading equipment ensures unrivaled flexibility when loading ships like barges, Handymax, Handymax, Panamax, Supramax, Capemax and more. The efficiency of our portable ship loading conveyor ranges from hundreds to thousands of tons. MNSTACKER provides shiploaders customization services to meet the usage requirements of different ports.

  • AWSL Series All Wheel Travel Shiploader
    AWSL Series All Wheel Travel Shiploader

    AWSL All Wheel Travel Shiploader is mounted on self-propelled wheel set. The working full-length ranges from 32m (105ft) to 58m (190ft) and the loading capacity can reach 3000t/h. It is more convenient to move around than RTSL Series and CBSL Series.

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  • RTSL Series Radial Telescopic Ship Loader
    RTSL Series Radial Telescopic Ship Loader

    Our radial telescopic ship loader allows the operator to load multiple hatches from one feeding position reducing hatch change times and production downtime. We can offer tracked mobile and wheeled mobile radial telescopic shiploader for you.

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  • CBSL Series All Wheel Travel Ship Loader
    CBSL Series All Wheel Travel Ship Loader

    This all-wheel travel mobile ship loader uses a cambered boom conveyor to load ships and it can offer flexible solutions for every loading application with loading capacity up to 2000 t/h. It can accept a variety of bulk material feeding methods.

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What Are The Applications of Mobile Shiploaders?

At MNSTACKER, we try to meet the maximum expectations demanded by our customers and in doing this every mobile shiploader is completely designed and manufactured and build with our customer’s specific requirement in mind. You can get barge loader (barge loading conveyor) and vessel loader (vessel loading conveyor) from MNSTACKER. You can get these mobile shiploader listed below.

  • Energy Sector: Coal Ship Loader.
  • Mining and Minerals: Ship Loader for Iron Ore, Copper Ore, and So On.
  • Agricultural Products: Mobile Shiploader for Grains, Corns, Beans, Wheat, etc.
  • Construction Materials: Mobile Shiploader for Aggregate, Sand, Gravel, Cement, Cement Clinker, etc.
  • Wood Products: Ship Loader for Woodchips and Sawdust.
  • Chemcial Products: Fertilizer Ship Loader.
  • Others: Please Contact MNSTACKER.

Mobile Ship Loader for Vessels of Different Sizes

MNSTACKER provide mobile ship loader conveyor to load bulk materials onto ships from barges to Capesize. Our mobile shiploaders are all developed by our rich experienced engineers. These portable ship loader ensures unrivalled flexibility when loading a bulk vessels.

Vessel Types DWT Free Board Height Range
Barge 100-100,000 0-3m (0'-9'11'')
Coaster 500-6,000 2-6m (6'7''-19'8'')
Handysize 10,000-30,000 4-8m (13'1''-26'3'')
Handymax 30,000-60,000 6-10m (19'8''-32'10'')
Panamax 60,000-80,000 10-14m(32'10''-45'11'')
Capesize 80,000-120,000 ~16m (52'6'')

Why to Invest Our Mobile Ship Loaders?

  • High Mobility for Moving

    With heavy duty steel undercarriage can be wheel or track mounted or self-propelled, our portable ship loaders can rapidly move in and out of your site.

  • Adjustable for Ships Sizes

    With retractable booms and variable luffing and radial movement designs, our mobile ship loaders can load a variety of bulk material carriers, from barges to capsize vessels.

  • High Ship Loading Capacity

    Mobile ship loaders are designed to handle high loading rates (up to 3000 tonnes/hour) to ensure fast turnaround times for vessels.

  • Lower Civil & Infrastructure Costs

    No need to build new docks and carry out extensive installations on existing docks.

  • Multiple Mobile Modes, Quick Setup

    Mobile ship loaders can be rapidly deployed and set up at different locations along the dock. Our portable ship loaders can realize inline traveling, carousel traveling, radial traveling, parallel traveling and crab travelling with different configurations.

  • Quick Move in and Out

    After assembly and commissioning is completed, operators can quickly move the mobile barge loading conveyor to the berth where it is needed.

  • Dust Control Available

    To minimize environmental impact and ensure compliance with regulations, mobile shiploaders are often equipped with dust suppression systems, such as water sprays or dust extraction units.

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