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Stacking Conveyor & Radial Stacker & Telestacker

MNSTACKER is a manufacturer of mobile stacker conveyors in China. We offer mobile stacking conveyors for sale such as tracked mobile stacker, radial stacker, telestacker conveyor, and tracked mobile hopper feeder conveyor. Our mobile stacking conveyors are widely used in bulk materials handling applications. These portable stacking conveyors are versatile and can handle a wide range of materials including aggregates, coal, minerals and bulk cargoes.

  • RTS Series Radial Telescopic Stacker & Telestacker Conveyor
    RTS Series Radial Telescopic Stacker & Telestacker Conveyor

    RTS Series Radial Telescopic Stacker Conveyor, also named telestacker or telestacker conveyor, is a radial telescopic stacking conveyor. This telescopic stacker conveyor: length range from 25m (82ft) to 58m (190ft), stacking height up to 19.6m (64ft), stacking capacity up to 4500t/h.

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  • TRS Series Tracked Radial Stacker Conveyor
    TRS Series Tracked Radial Stacker Conveyor

    TRS series Tracked Radial Stacker Conveyor is the idea stockpiling equipment after mobile crushing and screening plant. Lengths range from 20 m (80 ft) to 31 m (100 ft), lump sizes up to 300 mm (12'), and capacities up to 1500t/h.

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  • TMC Series Tracked Mobile Stacker Conveyor
    TMC Series Tracked Mobile Stacker Conveyor

    TMC series Tracked Mobile Stacker Conveyor can work singly or combined with other equipment. The conveyor length range is from 20m to 31m, and the stacking capacity can reach 1500t/h. Commonly used in mobile aggregate crushing and screening stations.

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What Are The Applications?

MNSTACKER can provide mobile stacker conveyors to meet different bulk material stacking applications. Our portable radial stackers can be used in quarries, mining, heap leaching, ports, inland terminals, stockyards, railways and more. Our trakced mobile conveyors are suitable for aggregate crushing and screening equipment. You can use these mobile stacking conveyors to handle these materials.

  • Construction Materials: Aggregate, Sand, Clinker, Crushed Rocks, etc.
  • Mineral Ores: Coal, Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Silver Ore, Bauxite, Rare Earth, etc.
  • Waste: Slag, Tailings, Mulch, Fly Ash, Construction waste, etc.
  • Agriculture: Fertilizer, Biomass, Topsoil, etc.
  • Grains: Wheat, Corn, soybeans, Rapeseed, etc.
  • Others: Bamboo, Wood Chips, Sawdust, etc.

Mobile Radial Stacking Conveyor

You can use our portable radial telescopic stackers, a telestacker conveyor, to reduces segregation, degradation, compaction and contamination during storage of aggregate and sand. And our tracked mobile conveyors are suitable for mobile crushing and screening plant.

Mobile Heap Leaching Stacking

Our portable radial stacker conveyor, horizontal bridge belt conveyor, grasshopper conveyor, and mobile hopper feeder can be used in mineral ore heal leaching yard to build flat top piles. We offer customization of telestacker conveyors.

Mobile Hopper Feeding & Stacking

Our mobile hopper feeder can work as mobile stacking conveyor and feeding conveyor, and they are often used in small and medium stockyard. They can be fed by Wheel Loaders, Grab Cranes, and Excavators.

Why to Invest Our Stacker Conveyors?

  • Easy to Operate

    Fully automatic PLC stacking program. These mobile conveyors are eequipped with radio remote control operating system. We also provide panel control systems for mobile stacking conveyors.

  • Reduce Running Costs

    Eliminate double handling of bulk materials. Less wheel loaders are required to build stockpiler, reducing labor and maintenance costs. In some cases, you can use electricity instead of fuel.

  • High Quality Stacking

    Our portable radial telescopic stacker conveyor can significantly reduce segregation, degradation, compaction and contamination during aggregate storage. This keeps the aggregate in a high quality condition.

  • Easy to Maintain

    These mobile conveyors are highly standardized. Consumable parts are in sufficient supply. The entire structure is designed for easy maintenance capabilities. You only need to perform routine maintenance to keep the machine running smoothly.

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