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Conveyor Pulleys | Drum Pulley & Winged Pulley

The belt conveyor pulleys are the important part of belt conveyors. Depending on the working roles, conveyor pulleys will install at different point. Our conveyor pulleys can be used in a variety of complex working environments. MNSTACKER is a conveyor pulley manufacturer and provides conveyor pulley solutions for quarrying, mining, ports, power, grain, aggregate and other industries.

  • Conveyor Drum Pulley
    Conveyor Drum Pulley

    MCSTACKER offers belt conveyor drum pulleys such as head pulleys, drive pulleys, tail pulleys, bend pulleys and snub pulleys for heavy duty belt conveyors.

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  • Winged Pulley
    Winged Pulley

    Winged pulleys, also known as self-cleaning pulleys, reduce the risk of belt damage due to pieces of material being trapped between the belt and pulley.

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  • Motorized Pulley & Drum Motor
    Motorized Pulley & Drum Motor

    Belt conveyor motorized pulley, also known as drum motor, is a heavy-duty belt conveyor driving device. It requires less installation space.

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Belt Conveyor Pulley Options

MNSTACKER can provide belt conveyor pulleys to meet the different applications like quarrying, mining, engineering, etc. You can get pulleys list below.

Conveyor Pulley Types
  • Heavy Duty Pulley
  • Mine Duty Pulley
  • Quarry Duty Pulley
Conveyor Pulley Roles
  • Head Pulley
  • Tail Pulley
  • Snub Pulley
  • Drive Pulley
  • Bend Pulley
  • Take-up Pulleys
Pulley Bushes Options
  • QD (Quick Disconnect)
  • XT
  • TL (Taper Lock)
  • KLD (Key-less Locking Device)
Pulley Hubs Options
  • Welded Hub
  • Integral Hub
  • Profile Disc,
  • Turbine End Disc
  • T-Section
Drum Lagging Options
  • Diamond Rubber Lagged
  • Ceramic & Rubber Lagged
  • Smooth Rubber Lagged
  • Chevron Profile Lagged

Why to Choose Our Conveyor Pulleys?

  • Versatility

    With our comprehensive product range, our rollers maximize the output and safety of your conveyor operations. The drum diameter ranges from 400mm to 1600mm.

  • Reliable One-stop Partner

    We can provide services of conveyor pulley design and conveyor manufacturing, and we can send pulleys to your operation site quickly.

  • Service Greater Than 50,000 + Hours

    Our conveyor pulleys are made of high-quality steel. Use laser welding machine for welding. And the rubber lagging operation is carried out by skilled workers.

  • Reduced Downtime

    Smart and simple design that makes parts efficient, robust and maintenance friendly. This reduces downtime due to drum failure.

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