bulk reception feeder is also a truck unloader

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Truck Unloader & Bulk Reception Surface Feeder

MNSTACKER is a manufacturer of bulk reception surface feeder and truck unloading platform in China. We offer tracked mobile bulk reception feeder, wheeled bulk reception feeder and hydraulic truck unloading platforms. You can call them truck unloader. Our unloading platform and bulk material surface feeders are used to unload bulk materials direct from dumper trucks and container trucks.

What Are The Applications?

MNSTACKER bulk reception feeder and truck tippling platform are types of truck unloader in bulk materials handling industries.

Truck Unloading Platform

  • Unloading direct from dumping tuck
  • Unloading direct from container truck

Bulk Reception Feeder

  • Unload bulk materials directly from trucks, wheel loaders, grab cranes, excavators etc.
  • Work as bulk material surface feeder to feed auxiliary equipment.
  • Work as reclaimer feeder to feed other conveyors.
  • Use discharging belt conveyor to directly load ships, trucks, rail wagons etc.

Bulk Reception Feeder Working as Truck Unloader for Feeding and Stacking

Our tracked and wheeled bulk reception feeder are types of truck unloader. After receiving the bulk material, these bulk material surface feeders can feed the material to the next machine or load it directly onto a barge vessel or rail car.

Hydraulic Truck Unloading Platform for Truck Tippling Unloading

Truck unloading platform use hydraulic power to lift platfrom and tilt the body of container trucks and unable dumping trucks. This machine can help improve your truck unloading efficiency of your plant.

Why to Invest Our Truck Unloading Machines?

  • Eliminate Double Handling

    Both bulk reception feeder and truck unloading platform can unload bulk materials direct from tucks. You will need less wheel loaders.

  • Efficient Truck Unloading

    You can unload bulk materials from tens to hundreds of tons per set in just a few minutes. They will help you improve truck unloading efficiency.

  • Easy to Operate

    Remote control and Panel control are available with high automatic controlling system. You can move our machines wherever you need to use them.

  • Requires Less Maintenance

    The equipment structure is scientific and reasonable, and finite element analysis and calculation are used to effectively reduce the failure rate of the equipment.

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