Mobile Heap Leaching Stacking

Mobile Heap Leaching Stacking

Mobile Heap Leaching Stacking Solutions of Mineral Ores

Mobile heap leaching stacking conveyor systems are specialized equipment used in mining operations to efficiently stack ore onto heap leach pads for the extraction of valuable minerals through a leaching process. This stacking conveyor system consists of tracked conveyors, portable conveyors feeding conveyors, feeding conveyor and radial telescopic stacking conveyor.

Radial Telescopic Stacker for Building Flat Top Piles

Radial stacking conveyors feature a rotating boom that can swivel around a central pivot point, allowing them to build flat top piles on leach pads. The radial telescopic stacker is the most efficient machine to build piles.

Horizontal Bridge Conveyor for Feeding Radial Stacker

Mobile horizontal bridge conveyor is often used to feed radial stacker. In some design, the telestacker conveyor can be installed on horizontal conveyors. It can effectively reduce conveyor downtime caused by changes in layout.

Tracked Belt Conveyor for Bridge Conveyor Feeding

The tracked belt conveyor will receive bulk materials from grasshopper conveyor and the to feed horizontal bridge belt conveyor. It can be wheel-mounted or track-mounted.

Grasshopper Conveyor for Mineral Ore Transferring

The grasshopper conveyors are designed for transferring bulk materials in any distances. When you build heap leaching piles, you add portable grasshopper conveyor in or out of the conveying line.

Advantage & Highlights

  • Excellent Mobility

    Mobile heap leaching stacking conveyors can be wheel-mounted or track-mounted according to customers’ requirement. The operators can move these machines around heap leaching yard.

  • Conveyor Cover

    Our mobile stacking conveyors can be equipped with belt conveyor covers to protect them from wind and rain. It can expand the working life of conveyors and conveyor parts.

  • Power Source

    Mobile stacking conveyors can be powered by electricity, diesel engines, or a combination of both, depending on the specific requirements.

  • Operator Control Cabin

    An operator cabin can be mounted on the mobile mobile radial stacker, providing operators with a centralized control point to monitor and control the stockpiling process.


The maximum rock size of the granular ore materials range from large run of mine cobble and boulder rock fragments to fine crushed sand and gravel particles. After crushing and grinding, you can use our mobile heap leaching stacking conveyor to build flat top piles to extracte precious metal. The heap ore lifts are typically stacked at 15 to 30 feet (5 to 10 meters) in thickness and leached to typical maximum heights in the range of 100 to 200 feet (30 to 60 meters). You can use our stacker conveyor to stockpile mineral ores like these.

  • Gold Ore,
  • Copper Ore,
  • Uranium ore,
  • Silver Ore,
  • Lithium Ore,
  • Other Ores that Require Chemical Beneficiation.

Mobile Heap Leaching Stacking are versatile and can be used to stockpile a wide range of crushed or ground mineral ores for extracting precious metals like these.

  • gold,
  • copper,
  • uranium,
  • lithium,
  • silver and etc.

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