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Conveyor Parts: Idlers, Rollers, Pulleys, Covers

MNSTACKER is world leading manufacturer of belt conveyor parts and components. We can offer belt conveyor rollers, conveyor idlers, conveyor pulleys, conveyor belts, truss frame, belt cleaner, bracket, etc. These conveyor parts can match the international standards like CEMA, ISO, DIN, AS, SANS, etc.

Conveyor Idlers

We provide troughing conveyor idlers, impact idlers, carrying idlers, return idlers, and self-aligning training idler for heavy duty belt conveyors in bulk materials handling applications.

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Idler Roller

We provide steel conveyor roller, HDPE conveyor roller, UHMWPE conveyor Rollers, impact roller, and rubber disc return roller. These conveyor rollers are used in heavy duty belt conveyors.

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Conveyor Pulleys

We provide quarry duty and mine duty conveyor drum pulleys and winged pulleys. These conveyor pulleys will be used as head pulleys, tail pulleys, tensioning pulleys, bend pulleys and snub pulleys.

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Conveyor Covers

We provide belt conveyor covers including steel conveyor covers, stainless steel conveyor covers, and plastic conveyor covers.These conveyor covers protect conveyors from wind and rain.

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Common Belt Conveyor Components

belt conveyor parts and conveyor components

Conveyor rollers, conveyor idlers, conveyor pulleys, and belt conveyor covers are important parts of conveyors. Belt conveyors also require many other components.

  • Conveyor Belt: Fabric and Steel Cord Conveyor Belt.
  • Belt Cleaner: Primary, Secondary and Plow Cleaner.
  • Impact Bed.
  • Loading Chute and Dust Shield.
  • Rubber Spill Skirts.
  • And Other More.

Why to Invest Our Belt Conveyor Parts?

  • Many Years Rich Experience

    More than 10 years in researching & designing & manufacturing of belt conveyor parts.

  • Modern Manufacturing Factory

    More than 10000㎡+ manufacturing base to process rollers, idlers, pulleys, and covers.

  • Strict Quality Control

    Each conveyor parts will be tested by our skill-full Quality inspector. We ensure that the products leaving the factory are all qualified products.

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