Mobile Ship Unloading

Mobile Ship Unloading

Mobile Ship Unloading Solutions of Bulk Materials

Mobile ship unloading hopper are specialized equipment designed to efficiently unload bulk materials from ships and transfer them to storage facilities, conveyor systems, or other transport vehicles for further processing or distribution.

Ship Unloading by Using Mobile Hopper Feeder

Our mobile hopper feeder with belt conveyor is mainly used to receive bulk materials from grab ship unloader. It is used for loading fixed belt conveyors or mobile conveyors, and the unloading capacity can reach 2000t/h.

Ship Unloading by Using Mobile Storage Hopper

The Semi-Mobile Hopper is a flexible material handling hopper for ship unloading solutions. It is a temporary storage bin that can directly feed belt conveyors or trucks. The unloading capacity can reach 3200t/h.

Advantage & Highlights

  • High Mobility

    Both mobile hopper feeder and mobile hopper can be wheel-mounted and track-mounted. They can be self-propell and can be easily transported at different locations in plant.

  • Hopper Bunker

    These mobile ship unloading hoppers have hoppers for temporary storage of bulk materials. The storage volume of the hopper can be from a few cubic meters to 100 cubic meters.

  • Power Source

    Mobile stacking conveyors can be powered by electricity, diesel engines, or a combination of both, depending on the specific requirements.

  • Versatility

    Mobile ship unloading hoppers are versatile and can be used to unload a wide range of bulk materials, including ores, coal, aggregates, and other commodities.


Mobile ship unloading hoppers are versatile and can be used to unload a variety of bulk materials including ore, coal, aggregates, sand, grains and other commodities. They are commonly used in ports and inland terminals to unload bulk materials and to load belt conveyors or trucks.

Coal Aggregate & Sand Grains (Corns, Beans, Wheat, etc)
Bauxite Iron ore Sugar
Wood-chips & Sawdust Pet Coke Cement Clinker
Fertilizer Sulphur Copper Ore
Ore Concentrate Salt Other Bulk Materials

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