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Portable Transfer Conveyor

MNSTACKER is a transfer covneyor manufacturer in China. Do you want to transport bulk materials over short and medium distances without having to carry out large-scale engineering construction? Our portable transfer conveyor may be one of your best choices. You can add in or move out our portable grasshopper conveyors to short or expand the conveyor distance. We can provide different transfer conveyor for meeting different applications.

  • Tracked or Wheeled Feeding Conveyor
    Tracked or Wheeled Feeding Conveyor

    These tracked or wheeled feeding conveyors use lattice steel frame to support conveyor belt. Ant it is able to be used in feeding mobile bridge belt conveyor or a radial stacker during bulk material transferring applications.

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  • Mobile Bridge Conveyor
    Mobile Bridge Conveyor

    Mobile horizontal belt conveyor is a type of mobile conveyor used in transferring bulk materials to feed radial stacker or feed overland conveyor. The conveying capacities of this mobile bridge conveyor range from hundreds to thousands of tons per hour.

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  • Portable Grasshopper Conveyor
    Portable Grasshopper Conveyor

    The grasshopper conveyor is a type of mobile conveyor which is able to move in or move out from site depending on the transfer distance requirement. The conveying capacity is up to 2000t/h, and the mobile conveyor length is ranging from 12m to 45m.

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What Are The Applications of Transfer Conveyors?

The portable transfer conveyor is a type of movable conveyors, and it is mainly used to transferring bulk materials. MNSTACKER can provide heavy duty portable transferring conveyors to meet your special applications. You use our portable transfer conveyor to handle these materials:

  • Aggregate, gravel, sand.
  • Coal, iron ore, copper ore, bauxite.
  • Earth, topsoil, biomass.
  • Wheat, corn, soybeans, rapeseed.
  • Wood chips, saw dust.
  • Other materials, please contact us.

Portable Grasshopper Conveyor for Bulk Material Transferring

Our portable transfer conveyor can cover conveying distances from tens of meters to 2 kilometers. You don't need trucks any more.

Portable Transfer Conveyor for Heap Leaching Stacking

These movable conveyors can form a mobile heap leaching stacking conveyor system. It will feed crushed and ground mineral ores to a radial stacker conveyors.

Portable Transfer Conveyor for Processing Equipment Linking

Conveyor equipment can be connected to various processing equipment (stone crushers, vibrating screen, aggregate washer, mobile crushers) to form a complete processing flow.

Why to Invest Our Portable Transfer Conveyors?

  • Eliminate Double Handling

    You don’t need a dedicate wheel loaders to constantly move material thus reducing double handling of bulk materials.

  • No Needs of Dump Trucks

    You don’t need high cost dump trucks for transferring bulk materials from source site to processing plant or overland conveyor.

  • Easy to Layout Conveyors

    The discharge height and mobile device can be designed according to the terrain to facilitate the layout of the equipment.

  • Capacity Up To 4500 t/h

    If you need high conveying capacity, we can provide standard model and customized model portable belt conveyor. The largest transferring conveying capacity can reach 4500t/h.

  • Wide Range of Conveying Distance

    Depending on the project, conveyor equipment of different lengths will be selected for layout. The conveyor length can be 12m, 15m, 18m, 21m, 24m, 27m, 30m, 40m, and 50m.

  • Robust Steel Structure Design

    With robust lattice steel structure design, this portable transfer conveyor can suit wide range of conveying ability from hundreds to thousands of tons per hour.

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