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The belt conveyor cover is a part of the belt conveyor and is used to protect the conveyor from wind and rain. MNSTACKER is also a manufacturer of conveyor covers, and we can offer belt conveyor covers for in-plant conveyors, overland conveyors and mobile conveyors. The choice of belt conveyor covers depends on the specific requirements of the application, the type of conveyor system and the material being conveyed.

In-plant Belt Conveyor Covers

Conveyor covers for belt conveyors of in-plant sites like crushing plant, ore dressing plant, aggregate plant, port, power plant, etc.

Overland Belt Conveyor Covers

Conveyor covers for belt conveyors of mining plant and quarrying plant to transport iron ore, copper ore, limestone, aggregate, etc.

Converyor Cover Types

Types Common Length
Full Cover 48” (1,219mm)
3/4 Cover 42” (1,066mm) and 18” (457mm) supports
1/2 Cover 42” (1,066mm) and 18” (457mm) supports
Full Cover w/Window 48” (1,219mm)
Full Low Profile 48” (1,219mm)

Converyor Cover Materials

Consider the type of materials being conveyed. Some materials may be corrosive, abrasive, or sensitive to environmental conditions. Choose covers made from materials that are compatible with the conveyed substances. Common covers.

  • Conveyor covers plastic
  • Conveyor covers galvanized
  • Conveyor covers steel
  • Conveyor covers stainless

These conveyor covers can be opened on one or both sides, making maintenance very easy. They are mounted with footprints or hooks.

Material Types Description
Galvanized Steel Approved corrosive resistance in nearly every environment.
Lacquered Steel Colored to blend in with surroundings or branding.
AMZ 200 Steel New type paint coated steel. As good as HPS200.
Stainless Steel Highly corrosive environments.
Fiberglass Avoid contamination in the food industries.

Conveyor Cover Applications

Conveyor owners may want to protect the material they handle from weather conditions like rain or wind. In some cases, local governing bodies require conveyors to be covered to limit dust or dispersion of powders.

  • Protect Environment.
  • Protect Security.
  • Reduce Material Loss.
  • Reduce Weather-related Downtime.

Why to Choose Our Conveyor Covers?

  • 5 Materials to Choose

    We offer five conveyor cover materials to choose from. Galvanized steel and painted steel are the most commonly used.

  • Easy to Maintain

    Our belt conveyor covers are easy to maintain. Only one person is required to open, lock and close both sides without any tools.

  • Long Working Service Life

    Various paint, coating options and UV-resistant properties will increase the working life of belt conveyors.

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