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Mobile Conveyors for Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant

Mobile crushing and screening solutions enable quick set-up and processing of aggregates. However, the question remains: How about stockpiling, loading and shipping the final product?In this day and age, where the efficiency of certain vehicles in loading and hauling operations is under scrutiny, wheeled and tracked mobile conveyors make a compelling argument.

When it comes to determining the conveyor that best meets your production goals, MNSTACKER offers a comprehensive range of rugged, reliable and efficient bulk material handling and storage solutions. This mobile conveyor range is tailored for versatility and performance in a variety of markets and applications including aggregates, mining, recycling, agriculture, ports, terminals and other bulk material handling industries.

Today, the product range includes crawler and wheeled mobile stacker conveyors, high and low level crawler mobile feeders and newly launched telescopic and bulk receiving feeders. These machines are available in a variety of options and can be customized to meet specific customer needs.

Radial Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Radial telescopic conveyors are available in lengths from 30m to 58m and have conveying capacities of up to 1500 tonnes per hour (t/h) in standard configuration. These conveyors feature wheeled portable form and on-board hydraulics for fast and efficient on-site deployment. Advanced programmable logic controller (PLC) automation and radio remote control help create large, precisely segregated inventories to load materials onto ships, barges and vessels, or integrate into existing bulk handling operations.

radial telescopic conveyor for crushing plant
radial telescopic stacker conveyor for crushing plant

Automated by PLC, the latest radial telescopic conveyors have a 42m working range and can achieve production rates of up to 600 tonnes/hour. It can be fully assembled or disassembled into three 12m (or 40') HQ containers for towing for easy transport. Powered wheel radial drives enable 270-degree extension from a single feed point, enhancing flexibility and efficiency in a variety of applications.

Mobile Bulk Reception Feeders

Our bulk reception feeders are designed to handle large batch material feeds and ensure a stable, even flow of material to secondary material handling systems. Designed for loading and unloading ships, trucks, trains, and more, these conveyors can significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of material handling operations.

mobile hopper feeder for mobile crushing plant
our mobile hopper feeder for crushing plant


Complementing the mobile crushing and screening equipment, wheeled and tracked mobile conveyors are available in lengths from 15m to 31m and with capacities up to 600t/h, facilitating efficient material movement on site. As production changes, conveyors can be easily repositioned alongside mobile and static crushing and screening equipment, providing flexibility and quick site turnaround.

tracked mobile conveyors for crushing plant
our tracked mobile conveyor for crushing plant


For quarry owners, wheel loaders are becoming less cost-effective. Choosing conveyors rather than loaders to store material allows quarry owners to manage higher production levels while reducing diesel and operator costs. This means less downtime and greater efficiency throughout the material processing operation. Conveyors also improve site safety by minimizing loader and transport truck movement and maintaining consistent product specifications.


Choosing the right conveyor requires consideration of factors such as material size and shape, condition, quantity and site requirements. MNSTACKER's diverse material handling solutions provide customized solutions based on specific applications and site needs.

MNSTACKER has recently commissioned a number of conveyors, including a crawler mobile conveyor and a two-wheel conveyor with dual power options, underscoring its commitment to providing flexible, efficient solutions. Designed to complement the entire range of crushing and screening equipment, MNSTACKER's mobile conveyors can cater for mobile operations, temporary requirements or large static operations, ensuring a tailor-made solution to meet unique site requirements.

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